Friday, July 15, 2011



Food Style: Sushi and Japanese food with yogurt

Dish Eaten: Spicy Tuna Hand Roll
Grade: A

Truck Review:
Cheap, good sushi? Yes please! When you hear sushi out of a truck, most people cringe at the thought but here at this truck the fish was fresh and the service was almost instantaneously. The worker was very helpful and prompt. The price is very reasonable at $3.50 for a hand-roll and they offer all the favorites such as the California roll, the Spicy Tuna roll, and Edamame. They also offer Nigiri Sushi and sides like Miso soup, rice, seaweed salad and house salad. They even have frozen yogurt for dessert if you would like. The only drawback, which is a personal preference, is the lack of kick in the ginger. I would definitively eat there again.

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