Friday, July 15, 2011



Food Style: Singapore orientated cuisine mixed with all american classics such as burgers, sloppy joes, and even smores.
Overall grade: B
Dish Eaten: Tofu Singapore Burger

Truck Review:
While the time it says to cook itself was 5 minutes, The wait in line is definitely a little more than what you would expect for a the number of people. I was pleased with the customer service. The workers in the trucks are friendly and actually ask for your name to match with the order. If they have a portion of the order ready (as in one sandwich not both) they will let you have it with an estimated time frame as how long it would take rather than just handing it to you. When the food comes, the presentation is pretty cool. The buns are dried a little extra to hold the sauce without getting soggy and the pairing of the Taro chips along with the sandwich gave an different twist to the traditional sandwich and chips. Regarding the taste, it was delicious and well portioned. Its not a huge amount so don't order just one thing if your starving, but the tofu burger itself was a delicate mixture of sweet with the stable taste of tofu. The bun was nicely toasted but the taro chips was the deal maker. Nicely fried and crispy, it was awesome.If your looking for something different it is definitely something to check out

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