Friday, July 15, 2011



Food Style: Nachos with different meats and a dessert nacho

Dishes Eaten: Chicken Nachos

Grade: D-

Truck Review:
I'm not happy. If there is one thing I hate in nachos is when there is more liquid then solids. That is exactly what happened. There was way too much toppings and not enough chips, and they were soggy. The cheese was the normal mozzarella and the beans are the typical re-fried beans found anywhere. The guacamole is not even worth mentioning since there was barely any.I know people say really good things about the truck but if what they say is true, then why am I not happy? In any case, the nachos were not even par with the ones found in stadiums. At least, those chips aren't soggy. I make better nachos at home. 

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