Friday, July 15, 2011



Food Style: Dessert with ice cream and cookie sandwhiches

Dish Eaten: Mush
Grade: C-

Truck Review:
When I heard of fresh baked cookies crumbled and mixed with artisan ice cream, I thought I died an gone to heaven. Unfortunately, reality yanked me back. The ice cream wasn't impressive. I expected something on par with Fosselmann's or even the good ol' fashioned Thrifty's (Rite Aid) ice cream, but it didn't happen. It was okay, nothing spectacular, like Dreyers bought from the super market or something. The cookies themselves weren't impressive either. At this my vision of clouds and harps were shattered since their whole staple is cookies and ice cream. Like the ice cream, it was okay, it would be equivalent to Nestle's Tollhouse cookies not Emil's Swiss Bakery. Also, the lack of prices on the actual truck make things a tad confusing for a starving student like me and the lack of smililey nature from the workers in the truck make things a bit standoffish. I would pass on this truck.
 //note: if there is a messed up order they will give it away for free so keep your ears open// 

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