Friday, July 15, 2011

Curb A Peel Truck


Food Style: "influenced and reflected by many multi-cultural origins"

 Dish Eaten: All in one Sandwich, Sorrel Wrap, Drunken Sailor Taco

Truck Review:

The food is absolutely amazing! The taste is on par with a 4 or 5 rresturant with professional chefs. As stated by one of tasters "Whoever invented this is a brilliant mind. I am very good at knowing what I'm eating by taste but Im perplexed. All I know is that its delicious" The all in one sandwich is ,as the name sounds, a sandwich that contains fries, your choice of beef and/or chicken, fries, aioli, and tomatoes Together it forms a flavor explosion of smooth and sharp flavors, with a kick. The sorrel wrap is "the best thing yet inside a tortilla" (stated by a taster). The familiar but exotic flavors bring together a perfect combo with the tortilla and cheese. Despite being an edible flower, the flavor was not too exotic and when when the eaten with their homemade African sauce and cheese all in an flour tortilla it was a delicious vegetarian alternative. The petite Drunken Sailor was very nicely made with the aioli. It was not soggy or overly fishy not did it leave and aftertaste but instead it brought out the aioli taste and competed it. Out of the three dishes, the taco was the smallest sizing in at a palm size. The sandwich requires two hands and a fork, because it is packed and will drop down. The sorrel comes in size  palm to finger sized triangular wedges making it a decent sized snack to light meal. Also worth noting is the aesthetic of the truck. Unlike other trucks, it has the whole kitchen shown behind a layer of glass and the artwork is a beautiful play of green and lack. Furthermore, their high tech menu  is a LCD screen (how cool is that?) is a sophisticated touch to their friendly and relaxed attitude. Also, give them a thumbs up through the window when to taste how good the food is. When we did it we can visibly see how they celebrated. 

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  1. YES, YES, YES, I love their food, the taste is exquisite. I am a vegetarian, and I love their quesadilla, I have try a few of their food all delicious. I am a follower, I forced my husband to take me to were they are. I thought following a truck was crazy, but not anymore. This food is worth the drive.