Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pnut Butter Bar


Food Style: PB&Js along with some classics fused with good ol' peanut bliss.
Dish Eaten: Choconut Monkey

Truck Review:
Peanut Butter is always welcome to those who like it and are not allergic and this truck definitively brings home the peanut butter. Unlike other sandwich trucks, I pleasantly found that the bread used with the peanut butter is not like the cheap Wonder white bread that others use but it is a nice, clean, non-aftertaste white bread. Also, it was toasted ever so slightly so the peanut butter and the Nutella combined was a warm temperature but not hot enough to burn due to oils. The menu is quite diverse with burgers and a "Walk the Pig" hot-dog that contained a slight hint of PB along with a chili mustard and cheese. The food section definetly does catch my eye as my curiosity would like to know how does PB go with a burger or hot-dog. Also, their PB cream puff is quite a seller according to the statements on twitter. The price is a bit high for a PB&J sandwich ($5 to $6), but then again the main call of burgers and Thai wings does make my curiosity override that.  All in all, this was a very pleasant experience and I would love to try it again. One part worth mentioning is the look of the truck. It has a gorgeous full pane window so you can see just how clean they keep the truck on the inside (which is very clean and shiny). The peanut man on the truck is also a nice touch.

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